Resurrection of the Daleks – Trial of a Time Lord podcast

trial of a time lord podcast

The Trial of a Time Lord podcast puts Doctor Who on trial, with a different story and a different guest every episode. I had been a fan of this smut-filled den of iniquity for a while so was delighted to be able to join the show and take part in a trial. I had chosen to defend one of my favourite Doctor Who stories: Resurrection of the Daleks.

Trial of a Time Lord has been recommended in SFX magazine (“scabrous”) and I’ve always found it great fun. I’m not sure whether I was dragged down to its own low standards or simply found them already latent within myself.

The podcast has also previously attempted to discover Is Blake’s 7 Better Than Doctor Whoin an episode that is described as lacking the usual filth – I’m still working my way through Blake’s 7, so I’m saving myself from spoilers and keeping this one for later.

If the Trial of a Time Lord podcast is your sort of thing, you can find more episodes on Podbean and follow it over on Twitter.

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