Trap One Podcast – The Tom Baker Record Collection

I joined the Trap One podcast to discuss The Tom Baker Record Collection, chatting with Mark, Conrad and Si. Demon Records celebrates Tom Baker’s portrayal of the famous Time Lord with this limited edition 4 LP vinyl box set, mixing thrilling audio drama with interviews and readings by the man himself.

Genesis of the Daleks is the original 1979 album version of the legendary TV serial, whilst Doctor Who and the Pescatons is the made-for-vinyl audio drama first released in 1976. Exploration Earth: The Time Machine is an adventure specially produced by BBC Schools Radio in 1976, and The State of Decay is a unique audiobook reading from 1982. The collection is completed by a selection of BBC radio interviews with Tom Baker made in the 1970s and 1980s.

I unexpectedly got to make my debut on Trap One: A Doctor Who Podcast earlier this year while they were on the road at Fantom Films’ Utopia convention. Since then, it’s been lovely to get to know more of the Trap One team. I wasn’t at all familiar with any of the audio adventures in The Tom Baker Record Collection beforehand, so enjoyed getting to explore a few of them. You’ll find I’m a tad quiet around the discussion for The State of Decay because it’s a story I haven’t watched the TV version for, meaning it will probably be a while before I get to this audiobook version as well.

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