corn dolly by jack ronder

Survivors – Corn Dolly

When I saw this episode’s title appear onscreen, it seemed vaguely familiar but I couldn’t remember what a corn dolly was. I was hoping it wasn’t going to end up as a metaphor for something horrific here because I didn’t fancy an evening that climaxed with The Wicker Man-type terrors. After all the opening grimness, …

gone away by terry nation

Survivors – Gone Away

Abby has started to establish her own little group but we soon see that, even with hardly any other people around, some of the Survivors are still truly terrible human beings. Whatever this plague was, it’s looking highly doubtful that it was divine intervention. Why couldn’t only the nice ones survive? Looting At some point, …

genesis by terry nation

Survivors – Genesis

Last episode’s title represented Death and I like that the biblical namings have continued with Genesis – the first book in the Bible – offering us a new beginning. Can Terry Nation keep these up? I hope so, even if my own biblical knowledge may become stretched quite quickly. If The Fourth Horseman was brutal …