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The Sandbaggers series 1 titles

Spybrary‘s focus has always first and foremost been spy books, but the podcast has also explored the exploits of real-life spies, as well as espionage in film and television. Having collaborated on undercover operations with Shane Whaley in the spy hot-spots of London and Berlin, I knew he could be trusted and I had no qualms with passing on some intel.

I joined host Shane and fellow agents Jeffrey Westhoff and Peter Newman to discuss Series 1 of The Sandbaggers. I had been gripped throughout my first viewing of this excellent show and loved revisiting it for Spybrary. There still seem to be many people who have never come across The Sandbaggers and this podcast is full of spoilers so go and enjoy the DVDs first.

Listen to our discussion on Series 2 of The Sandbaggers.

If Spybrary sounds like your sort of thing, you can explore more episodes on the Spybrary website.

The podcast has an active Facebook group and is a really welcoming community for both new and veteran espionage fans.

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