Trap One Podcast – Doctor Who: Redacted Series 2

I joined Trap One to chat about Series 2 of Redacted, the BBC audio drama series set in the Doctor Who universe. Following on from Series 1, Cleo (Charlie Craggs), Abby (Lois Chimimba) and Shawna (Holly Quin-Ankrah) are still hosting their podcast called ‘The Blue Box Files’, about their attempts to track sightings of a mysterious blue box that crops up throughout history. In Series 2 an enigmatic spaceman lands into Cleo’s life, and it’s not the Doctor this time. Apex Costa has it all; style, good looks, teleportation device. But is he all he seems?

I had only recently listened to Series 1 of Redacted. After dipping in with the first episode on its original release, I wasn’t that keen and dismissed it as simply not for me. It also doesn’t help that my BBC listening plummeted when they first pulled support for the BBC Radio app and forced us to move to BBC Sounds, where the new interface didn’t gel with my listening habits. It’s taken several stubborn years for me to be begrudgingly tempted back a little.

I was curious to give Redacted another go and found myself drawn in by the short, fast-paced episodes with cliff hangers that ensured I binged through it fairly quickly. Series 2 is shorter, at just 6 vs 10 episodes, and I enjoyed the chance to discuss its pros and cons with Mark, Denise and Adam.

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