Flight Through Entirety podcast – Doctor Who – The Caretaker

Flight Through Entirety has been working through every episode of Doctor Who for almost a decade now – quite the podcast commitment. Despite dabbling in such vast viewings, I’ve never managed to see it through as there is just so much other fascinating television out there to distract me. I do think there is a lot of value in seeing stories in the context of their whole seasons and eras, so I have enjoyed listening to Flight Through Entirety‘s discussions.

The podcast has reached Series 8, Peter Capaldi’s first series. I was curious to look back on this as it’s one I hadn’t revisited much, with plenty of episodes I had never rewatched. I had some preconceptions about what I remembered and was interested to see whether a new viewing and our discussion would change any of that.

I won’t lie – I felt honoured to be asked on Flight Through Entirety. The regulars and their guests often seem to have a lot of intelligent and high-brow conversations on there, while I had started my podcast career talking about Dalek spunk. Like the Brigadier, I’ve gone up in the world, although I won’t forget my encrusted roots.

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