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The Nightmare Man titles

I’ve had a lovely time listening to RetroTube over the last few months, enjoying the conversations of two friends as they share their love of archive television with one another – it really is right up my street. Heather and Adam’s slightly different tastes ensure the show varies from Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased) to Blake’s 7 and I’ve also been intrigued by their discussions of programmes I’m not familiar with, like Children of the Stones and The Tripods.

With Heather taking a short break from RetroTube duties, I was delighted to join Adam for his RetroTube Obscurios series. It was quite exciting as he sent me towards a programme I knew nothing about and had never even heard of before. Yet I was intrigued by The Nightmare Man‘s title alone and even more so when Robert Holmes’ name appeared in the opening credits. As the writer of some of my favourite episodes of Doctor Who and Blake’s 7, I had high hopes for something interesting, and it ended up rather unusual.

You can listen to more from RetroTube here and find them on Twitter here.

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