The Federation’s Most Wanted – A Blake’s 7 podcast

ThePreacher711 has launched this new podcast series to ‘Seek, Locate & Interview Blake’s 7 fans from across the community’.

One of the greatest joys of writing my Blake’s 7 blogs was that it helped to connect me with the rest of Blake’s 7 fandom. I now know there are plenty of fellow fans out there and we’ve all got our opinions about our favourite episodes, characters and spin-offs. Plus, like just about any group of fans, we have our own thoughts on what we would do if we were in charge and what sort of things we would like to see more of, especially as the likes of Big Finish continues to publish new Blake’s 7 content.

I had been really intrigued by the contributions from some of the first few guests on The Federation’s Most Wanted, so it took no hesitation for me to agree to join ThePreacher711 to chat about one of my favourite programmes.

Listen to The Federation’s Most Wanted below.

Explore more episodes of The Federation’s Most Wanted via Spotify or YouTube.

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